Monday, 12 November 2007

Online presentation Tools

Checkout 12 simple photos of a holiday trip to the snow - very impressive - and it was as much fun as the mood of this little video clip portrays. Easy to use online application from ANIMOTO try it.

Sketching on the internet

At our staff meeting tonight, cluster facilitator Lenva Shearing, showed us some amazing web2 tools. She created her own website to explain some of the thousands of web2 tools out there for schools to utilise. I went home and registered for sketchcast (with my 4 year old on knee) and here is the result. I could see how powerful this could be in the class and over the next few weeks will experiment and comment with this site. Thanks Lenva - you're an inspiration!

Not forgetting my seven year old son... here is his first attempt. Piers has just turned 7 years.