Friday, 15 January 2016

Are you a Connected Leader?

The Connected Learning Advisory (CLA) runs webinars each month, and I was asked to be part of a  Webinar on and for "Connected Leaders" on the 21 October.   The aim of the CLA is to provide interactive opportunities for sharing practice, discussion of key ideas and connection to experts and other educators.

What a great opportunity I thought to give back to the education sector and contribute some gems on helping the sector connect. The other connected leaders were Marnel van der Spuy, Stephen Lethbridge, Rachel Boyd and Annemarie Hyde and together we answered the following:

  • What does a “connected leader” look like ?
  • In your role as a connected leader, what do you do to support/model/advocate/facilitate e-learning ?
  • What attributes do you think you need most, to make this role successful?
  • How would you encourage a reluctant teacher/ leader to get connected?