Monday, 5 January 2009

Welcome to the Human Network

It is now 2009, a new year has dawned and as I looked at my contribution to the blogosphere I was shocked to see that I hadn't made a posting at all in 2008! What did I do in the last year? Well I didn't leave the world of web2.0 alone I was simply putting my energies into other spheres of my digital network.

Today I worked alongside a colleague in getting her life connected in order to make her teaching and learning experiences more authentic for her learners. I say learners not students, as it is often the adults in the learning communities in which we work that indirectly learn from our interactions. It was an overwhelming day and a crash course in web2.0 however by the end of the day she had successfully made 2 blogs, opened a google reader account, started a network on twitter, watched "how to" videos on YouTube, bookmarked sites into a delicious account, made an avatar picture, started a wikispace and together we signed up for a series of online tutorials to learn more about eportfolios and building online personal learning networks. What a huge task but terribly rewarding.

This year I hope to post blogs more regularly reflecting on the journey I am making with my learning community in applying web2.0 applications across the school. The following video clip reminds me of the last year and how over this time I have learnt so many new and amazing things through developing digital connections - "where people subscribe to people and not magazines".


AllanahK said...

Never fear- you are still in my RSS feed.

1080GroupDotCom said...

Hi Justine,

All the best with your 2009 resolve!

I recently did a research brief about moving training online specifically in ANZ. Perhaps it might be a conversation starter with students...

You can find it here: