Sunday, 15 February 2009

Digital Storytelling Books

I came across this application while reading through several blogs and wikis this weekend. I jumped over to the site and created this quick little sample book. The great thing is that they have an educator side to their site and gives educators discounts off printing out these books in hardcopy. The educator link is .

| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

I couldn't work out how to embed the code into a post on my own. Then I saw on their site that you can automatically post it to your blog - so that is the step I have done. To write the post I simply just wrote what I wanted to say in the comments box and like magic it has automatically appeared on my site. I have gone in to add this last paragraph and labels for the post. I hope you have a play with and enjoy using it too!


Patti Harju said...

Thanks for the link! I am playing with Mixbook right now.

Also - Love the idea for the techie breakies. I have thought about doing something like that with my staff. They wouldn't do the morning, but I might get them to stay after school for a 20-30 min session.

Good luck with future tech-breaks!

Justine said...

Hi Patti
Thanks for commenting - the techie-breakies are just starting small but I'm excited about what the staff will do once they are aware of what is out there and how they can try and manage them in the classroom. It's all about being practical and making web2 easy.

It is only voluntary to come along to the workshops but I'm hoping most will attend (as they won't want to miss out), but my wikispace is backing it all up so they can learn in their own time.

savannah said...

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Anonymous said...

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