Sunday, 29 April 2007

Digital Learning Centres

An innovative way that I integrate the use of the computer into my classroom programme is through developing digital learning centres (DLCs). These learning centres are produced on a Powerpoint Show platform and can be designed specifically to cater for the learning needs and strengths of children in my class.
When creating a DLC there are three main types/functions:
  • as a maintenance programme from teaching and learning
  • as a portal to new learning
  • as a portal to new learning with guided digital experiences related

This year my school had a visit from the Education Review Office (ERO, 2007) who wrote the following in their report:

"A particular feature of the school is the use of digital learning centres (DLCs) to support learning. These digital resources are designed and created within the school to complement literacy programmes, learning across the curriculum and to support the inquiry learning approaches that are used in all classrooms. They enable students to access on-line teaching resources for reinforcing class work and to explore selected internet sites that provide further opportunities for interactive learning and/or the sourcing of new information for project work."
I was really pleased that ERO acknowledged the use of the computers at my school in this way. Although it is only one way that we integrate ICT into our programmes, it was great to see that they consider it important enough to note in the actual ERO report for the school. I am working on making some of these DLCs available on my wikispace:
I think it is important if we are using sources on the internet, we should collaborate and give back to the net as well.

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