Sunday, 13 May 2007

Presenting and Sharing

On Thursday 10 May I presented the concept of Digital Learning Centres at our local ICT PD cluster meeting. Staff members from five local schools attended(approximately 100 people). This presentation I did at the Learning at Schools conference held in Rotorua earlier in the year and at three TUANZ conferences held both last year and this year.
The full handouts for my presentation can be found on my wiki at along with downloads of DLCs that can be used immediately in the classroom programme to support teaching and learning. From the presentation notes you will be able to see how to make your own DLC using PowerPoint as a learning tool.
On Friday 11 May, I went to hear Edward De Bono speak at the Sky City Convention Centre. It was an interesting day, that affirmed teaching thinking is really important, and the earlier you start the better. I have now included my templates for the six thinking hats pages that I use when creating topic based DLCs (accessible via the wiki).


Simon said...

Hi Justine,

Good on you, the material looks first rate and I just want to encourage you in your learning journey. I will be kicking my AP with missing the Edward de Bono thing, any chance you podcasted it?

Louise Randow and I are putting together a podcast focused on NZ education, ICT being central (naturally) but it'll have a broader theme than that. Will be interested in producing such things as those you mentioned in your post today if the opportunity presents itself again. Please get in touch

Miguel said...

Thanks for sharing, Justine!

Wannabe NewZealander,

Miguel Guhlin
Around the

Tom Rune said...

Hi Justine

Just to show the rest of the world that you have a Norwegian "fan club". We have written about you and your work in our new book "Helhetlig skoleutvikling - fra kenguru til lærende organisasjon" - and we will try to promote your work here in Norway.
Hopefully you'll soon find a link to your Digital Learning place at