Friday, 15 June 2007

Trial and Error

It's great surfing the web - or inevitably "drowning" - I say this because I only mean to go on for a little while and time passes so quickly!!! I am supposed to be studying for my fourth essay in my PostGrad Dip in Educational Leadership and Management, and yet again are lured to the web! From a previous comment on my last blog I had a comment by Simon and on his blog, I discovered a short clip that he has created. It is a short, thought provoking piece to support the use of web2.0 - I hope you like it. Check out his space at . I call this entry "trial and error" because it is the first time I am attempting to put a video clip on a blog (thanks Louise at for setting high standards).
Here is a clip from Rachel Boyd about blogging with 6 & 7 year olds.


Simon said...

Wierd isn't it. I still can't do Youtube but I can seem to do teachertube by copying and pasting (pasteing?) the embeddable HTML for wordpress into the post when I'm on CODE setting. It works for me on my blog but then its Wordpress and I think it's different to blogspot. Worth a try though.

Simon said...

You got it to go! Well done you

Rachel Boyd said...

How is Term 3 treating you so far?
You haven't blogged in a while... doing anything exciting with your students?

Cheers, Rachel, Nelson

PS thanks for featuring our presentation :)